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Save a life and support local Not-For-Profits

I don’t sell things through my post or even advertise for clients for my private practices, but rather use my blog as a way to get important info that I find out to people.  That is what I am doing with this phone Application.   As a person who had a car accident as a result of speeding to yet another meeting and talking to my staff on my cell phone.  I know what a life saver TextNoMore can be.

Once one downloads the app then activates (before you get into the car to drive) TextNoMore the user receives a reward coupon from a business that supports safe driving. The user can choose how long to activate the app increments of 10 minutes or choose the manual time, the phone is then silenced: no ring,light or vibrate.  The user while driving isn’t distracted by incoming texts or calls because they don’t know that anything new has arrived on their phone. This prevents the user from taking their eyes off the road to look at the phone or to reply. 
If the user receives a text while the app is activated an auto-reply message is sent, “I’m driving and can’t respond to your text” the hyper-link for the texter to receive their reward coupon for helping the driver be safe and not distracted.  When the app is deactivated all missed texts/calls have been held in a queue and then allows the user to reply to the missed messages.

Using a cell phone use while driving, whether it

Gmail – Gay Student Suicides; Death Row Clemency; Craigslist

Check out this website I found at

Yesterday I posted a youtube video with Daniel Radcliffe for the Trevor project and this today. It is shocking how the “Parents Action League” rather have students commit suicide than be gay. Again please send the youtube video out to as many people as you can.

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Depression on the Rise in Colleges?

Aug. 12, 2010 — Some mental health problems, including moderate and severe depression, are more common among college students today than in the past, according to a study that looked back 12 years.

I have seen this trend in my own work with gay and lesbian collage students. I think it is important to point out that the increased mental health problems are not so much the result of being gay on collage campuses as was the case 5 years ago, there still remains as constant percentage where this is the case. But as the article points out more early diagnoses and I would add the increased stress that collage students face with a very different job market to face after graduation.

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I Fought Fate, and Fate Won | Guideposts to Happiness

Fate is stronger than me. It may also be wiser. When I quit fighting fate, I find that my life is better than it seemed. There is more to enjoy than I realized, and I learn it is possible to tolerate considerable discomfort and still feel basically happy.

A good article on how to enjoy the life you have as you work towards the life you want. some thing i think we often forget in all our efforts to become some thing other than where we are. how much more life can be if we enjoy where we are and where we want to go.

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